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What is Gandanta?

Ganda means knot AND anta means to end something.

This is a karmic knot. What it means is – During any planet in Gandanta - one has urge to do something extraordinary in life. The thought process gets converted to the real time actions and an individual starts with practical implementation of his/her thought process.

One feels the transformation; one can feel the change. Wherever you have sign of fiery/watery and planets transiting though it will give transformation to that particular house. One tries to prove the greatness of self in that particular domain where he/she excels and If it joins with ASC/V/X/XI lord, an individual thinks they are the best and are unbeaten.

What actually happens when some planet goes into Gandanta zone?

Deep long lasting karmic issue which are prolonged - they finally come to an end It shows fighting spirit, once it is out of Gandanta, your fight is over for that goal.

Slow moving planets such as Jupiter moving from last degrees of WATERY sign to first few degrees of FIERY signs. (4, 8, and 12 => WATERY SIGNS) and (1, 5, 9=> FIERY signs) is called Gandanta. 29 degrees from Scorpio to 1 degree of Aries - to be more precise.

The MO/SU/ME/MA are FAST moving planets – the effects are not observed intensely as they are fast moving, whereas RAH/KETU/SAT/JUP are slow moving planets and the intensity during Gandanta can be felt / observed as one goes through it.

The way water gets dissolution and Fire is said to form life – in similar way the end of watery sign and the starting of fiery sign gives ending and restarting of the life goals.

That’s why 12th rashi is Pieces which say dissolution towards life and back to it is Aries - the beginning of new life.

Some misconceptions about Gandanta

Gandanta does not mean - accident, death or badly losses. It is just an unstable energy, which can’t decide where to go from here. If you have such confusion during the period of Gandanta - You must go on your back foot and there should be no commitment or the excessive risks are to be avoided.

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It is in left feet on Ryan. It is about wealth and riches, lasting riches and honor. It gives abundant wealth / name /fame / honor.

Rigel is form either if the planet is conjunct or is in opposite sign in your chart. If this happens to be in your chart - you can be rest assured that you have abundant wealth and riches promised.

23 degree of Taurus and 23 degree of Scorpio is the place where the planet need to be in conjunction with Taurus/Scorpio house.

So when will result will produce and promise abundant wealth, well it depends upon which house the sign it falls and what Dasha/Bhuktis/antra you are currently running or what D/B/A you will have in near future.

People with Rigel keep hunting for things, they never quit. The effort for searching something is always on. They want to keep their collection in a multiple way.

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