Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

  1. What is KP Astrology?
  2. KP means Krishnamurthy Paddhati. Paddhati means method. Keeping Vedic in mind and not overriding the basic principles - The method of analysing a birth chart using Nakshatra viz.( Sub-Lord/StarLord/Stars's Sub lord)is invented by Shri K. S. Krishnamurthy. A wellknown Indian Astrologer from Tamilnadu State, India. The Vedic divisional chart too gives accurate results with many permutation/combination/rules/shlokas memorising them, so Shri KP invented this technique to simplify the work for astrology. KP is simplified and accurate.KP system is also called to be a modernized form of Vedic Astrology.

  3. Is there any difference between KP Astrology and Vedic Astrology?
  4. No, there is not much difference. Only the method of analysis is different. This method is extracted from Vedic Astrology itself.

  5. What are the differences between KP and Vedic Astrology?
  6. a.In KP there is Cusp to Cusp aspect and Planet to planet aspect. (30,60,120) are good aspect whereas (45,90,180) are the bad aspect in that order displayed.
    b. There is no such concept of debilation or exaltation of planet in KP
    c. KP makes uses of Bhav Chalit chart, Vedic uses Lagna/Moon/Navamsa etc (Divisonal charts)
    d. KP has its own AYANAMSA (NEW KP AYANAMSA)

  7. Deviations from Vedic Astrology
  8. The deviation from Vedic Astrology occurs while considering the houses. As we have already discussed about unequal distribution of all 12 zodiac signs in KP Astrology. Vedic Astrology assumes that the houses are equally divided in 12 divisions of 30 degree. The Ascendant starts from 0 degree and ends with 30 degree. However, it is not appropriate according to KP Astrology.

    KP Astrology believes that the houses are not equally divided into 12 divisions but based on the cusps. The cusps of houses play very important role throughout the whole lifespan of an individual. The span of house could be less than 30 degree or more than 30 degree. House and cusp lords are calculated through the Placidus system of western Astrology. Hence it is a one of the major deviation of KP Astrology from Vedic Astrology.

    Therefore, this technique is commonly used by many Astrologers due to its easy applications. The accuracy of giving any prediction with this technique is found correct many of the times. It can certainly give you an idea for happening or non happening moments in life. So it is mandatory for an Astrologer to know this technique as it minimizes the difference between the predictions given by many Astrologers.

  9. What are the details needed to generate a birthchart?
  10. To erect any birth-chart or to peform any astrology related calculation we need your birth place, birth-time and birth date. On the basis of this information we can cast/erect your kundali/horoscope, calculate the ascendant and the position of the planets in the zodiac based on KP astrology / Vedic Astrology.

  11. What if I don't know my date of birth?
  12. If you don't have your birth details,you can't cast your kundali/Horoscope. But, still if you have urge for any question, you can go for horary/Prashna kundli

  13. Why can't I see my report in my local language?
  14. Only English language is supported from

  15. I didn't get my report in email. What should I do?
  16. If you have a SPAM detection system enabled on your email account it might put our mail in the JUNK / SPAM mail folder. Please look in these folders. If that still doesn't work please contact the and they will send the report to another email id.

  17. Where can I call if I want to dicsuss something?
  18. Once the payments are done, you will receive an acknowledgement mail which will have Whatsapp/Phone number to connect with