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CONSULTATION: The services offered are Paid(chargeable) and the charges are between Rs 500/- ($10) per question and Rs 2500/- for entire horoscope walkthough. Payment procedure is simplified. One can make payment via. PayPal, PhonePe, NEFT, PayTM, and Razorpay. Kindly fill the details accurately in the form supplied with your message. Please make sure you enter the correct email address.

Consultation is always available for getting solution for problems in different areas of life i,e. business, finance, career, education, job, travel, love life, property, marriage, progeny, health & house etc.

WHAT IT IS & WHAT NOT: Astrology consultation is to understand your astral position with respect to the Natals fixed stars’ position and get accurate results for your destiny. It cannot change the complete course of problem, however it can minimise the intensity of the problem and can guide individual to take cautious steps to reduce negative outcome.

Please note that - Savvy astrologer neither deal with any kind of gems/stones nor perform any Pooja. It is upto the individual to pursue it at their own accordance.